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It's Only A Movie

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12 October 1990
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{Vampire Slayer}
!!!!There's too much beauty to quit!!!!
Name: Meigz
Age: 99 years old
Gender: Ghoul
Orientation: Straight

Build: Average
Hair: Blue Black
Eyes: Hazel
Distinguishing Features: scar on left eyebrow, double jointed elbows, and able to roll tongue.

Likes: Reading, walking, bike riding, dancing, road trips, Css, calcuating things, singing to musik, baking pretty things, shampoos, poetry, ice tea, knitting, sewing, taking baths, cleaning
Dislikes: People that abuse animals, bad drivers, liars, people that text me I answer them back and they never text back, css that don't work, people that put meat in my meatless foods, and bills.
Personality: This is my character's personality.
I don't eat meat. Don't make me feel like a freak because I don't and I won't make you look like one cuz you do. I have a pen fetish! I love Halloween and Fall is my favorite season. I am hoping to move to Alaska in the next few years. One day I am also going to walk from West Coast to East Coast. I have big dreams and bigger desires. Should you choose to be my friend lets take the adventure together! (That was cheesy!)

{If this is a dream, the whole world is inside it. }

12 rounds, a perfect circle, addams family, alien sex fiend, anita blake, apples, baking, bats, bauhaus, beauty, beetlejuice, bela lugosi, bette davis, betty boop, bif naked, bile, black & white films, bonesaws, books, buying used books, cats, charles manson, church styles, comic books, coop, cradle of filth, cramps, css, cult films, cult movies, cupcakes, danny elfman, danzig, david bowie, david lynch, dead, deranged, devils, diets, dismemberment, dracula, dreaming, driving, dyed hair, ed gein, ed wood, eddie izzard, electric hellfire club, evil dead, fall, fight club, forensic books, forensic profiler, forensics, frankenstein, girl bands, gothic, gothic boys, gothic clubs, grimm, halloween, harely quinn, haunted, henry lee lucas, horror movies, it's alive, john waters, john wayne gacy, joy division, jr ward, kitchen knife conspiracy, letters, libra, livejournal, local music, lords of acid, makeup, marilyn manson, meeting new people, midnight showings, mind reading, ministry, misfits, moon goddess, munsters, ohgr, once upon a time, peircings, pen pals, penpals, pepsi, poe, poet, pretty little liars, prison penpals, pro-choice, psycho, pumpkins, raw shark texts, raw vegan, reading, road trips, septum peircings, serial killers, serial murderers, sewing, shopping online, silent films, skinny puppy, skulls, snail mail, snailmail, stamps, stanley kubrick, stationary, strangeland, supernatural, sweet tea, switchblade symphony, taking pictures, tattoos, ted bundy, texas chainsaw massacre, the crow, the cure, the damned, the joker, the morgans, the walking dead comic, the walking dead show, tim burton, tool, tori amos, tromaville movies, true blood, type o negative, used books, vampire journals, vampire love dolls, vampire movies, vampire romance, vampires, vegan, vegetarian, walking, wonder woman, working out, writing, zodiac, zombies

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